Documentation | November 26, 2020

How to use Shortcode



Example with attributes

bfe-front-editor editor_image_plugin="false" editor_header_plugin="false" post_image="disable"

Attributes to use with

Post status:

editor_post_status: “pending” or “publish”

Post thumbnail:

post_image: “display” or “require” or disable

Post category:

post_category: “display” or “require” or disable

Post category:

post_category: “display” or “require” or disable

Post tags:

post_tags: “display” or “require” or disable

editor_image_plugin: “true” or “false”

editor_header_plugin: “true” or “false”

editor_embed_plugin: “true” or “false”

editor_list_plugin: “true” or “false”

editor_checklist_plugin: “true” or “false”

editor_quote_plugin: “true” or “false”

editor_marker_plugin: “true” or “false”

editor_code_plugin: “true” or “false”

editor_delimiter_plugin: “true” or “false”

editor_inlineCode_plugin: “true” or “false”

editor_linkTool_plugin: “true” or “false”

tags_add_new: “true” or “false”  

Pro version settings

  editor_warning_plugin: “true” or “false”    

  editor_table_plugin: “true” or “false” 

  editor_gallery_plugin: “true” or “false”